Staking with Adalite

Navigate to the Adalite website to begin.

Choose Wallet Type

You will first need to choose how to access your wallet. The simplest and fastest way is to use a Mnemonic.

A series of words is generated for you and you write them down for safe keeping.

You use these to recover your wallet if you need to access it from a different device or your login data is deleted.

Choose Access Method

Create your Wallet

If you already have a cardano wallet from a different, you can use the mnemonic to recover it and access it using Yoroi.

Otherwise select
Create New Wallet

Create Wallet

Write down your Mnemonic

If chose create new wallet and are using a Mnemonic, write down the phrase.

You will need this to recover your wallet if you loose your login details or need to access it from a different device.

Create Wallet

Unlock your Wallet

Enter the mnemonic you have just written down.

Or if you already have a wallet to recover, enter the mnemonic.

Create Wallet

Your Wallet

Here you can see your balance. If you've just created the wallet you will need to add funds from another wallet or exchange.

Create Wallet

Receive Address

Select the receive tab to get an address to send funds to. Here are a list of addresses. You can reuse the same address or alternate. Select copy address to copy the address to your clipboard. You can use the copied address to send funds from your exchange.

Receive Address

Delegate Stake

Select the Staking tab and expand the Delegate Stake window. If the wallet has never been used for staking, there is a 2₳ deposit. Enter the Piggy Bank stake pool id 25950a5ff41453d6ee....635a6dce1515  

Address copied to clipboard

Finally select delegate

There is a 0.17₳ transaction fee each time you change your stake to a different pool.

Receive Address

Thank You

We really appreciate that you have chosen to stake with Piggy Bank

You are helping to decentralise the cardano network and 20% of our operator rewards will goto The Raspberry Pi Foundation and 20% to GAVI vaccine alliance