Staking with Daedalus

Download and install the official Daedalus wallet from their website

Never download wallets from untrusted sites.

Create wallet

If you already have a wallet, please skip to: Delegation Center

You will first need to create your wallet.

  1. Add Wallet
  2. Create

Create Wallet

Get your wallet address

Here you will be presented with a list of wallet addresses.

  1. Select the receive tab
  2. Select Share on an unused address
You will then be presented with a dialog to copy the address.

Choose Access Method

Copy address

You can use this address to send funds from your exchange or other wallets.

  1. Copy Address
  2. Goto your other wallet / exchange and send funds to this address
  3. Close this dialog
  4. Wait for transaction to complete
    (about 20 seconds)
Your balance should be updated with the funds you just transferred.

Choose Access Method

Delegation Center

Here you will see who you are currently delegating to. If anyone.
When you choose to delegate or change the pool you are delegating to, it will take effect in 2 epochs.
Each epoch lasts 5 days.
You can see from the countdown when the current epoch ends.

  1. Select the Cardano Mainnet icon (2nd Top Left)
  2. Select Delegation Center tab
  3. Select delegate from the right most column for the wallet you wish to use

Delegation Center

Choose Wallet

You can confirm that the wallet you wish to delegate from is the one you selected in the previous step, or change it.

  1. Change wallet selection if you wish
  2. Continue

Choose Wallet

Choose A Stake Pool

Here you can search for pools to delegate to.

  1. Enter PIGGY in the search bar
  2. Select PIGGY
  3. Continue

Choose Access Method

Confirm Delegation

Finally confirm your delgation choice.

  1. Enter your spending password that you setup when creating the wallet
  2. Confirm

Choose Access Method

Thank You

We really appreciate that you have chosen to stake with Piggy Bank

You are helping to decentralise the cardano network and 20% of our operator rewards will goto The Raspberry Pi Foundation and 20% to GAVI vaccine alliance