Staking with Yoroi

Download and install the official Yoroi wallet from their website, or from Android or iOS app store.

Never download wallets from untrusted sites.

Select Browser / Mobile

If you already have a wallet, please skip to: Delegation Center

You will first need to create your wallet.

  1. Select Browser or Mobile OS
  2. Follow Installation Instructions

Create Wallet

Open Extension

This guide is based on Chrome browser. Other guides will be added later.

  1. Select Extensions icon from top right of browser
  2. Select Yoroi

Create Wallet

Create Wallet

In this guide we will create a new wallet

  1. Create Wallet

Create Wallet

Set Wallet Credentials

Set a Wallet name and password. This will only be for this browser extension installation.
If you want to access your wallet from another browser or device you willl need to restore the wallet there.

  1. Enter Wallet Name
  2. Enter Password
  3. Confirm Password

Create Wallet

Recovery Phrase

Write down your recovery Phrase.

  1. Get Pen
  2. Get Paper
  3. Write Phrase
  4. Make sure you can read it
  5. Do not lose it

Create Wallet


Here you will see your account summary.
You will now need to transfer funds to your wallet.

Create Wallet

Receive Funds

Generate a new address to send your funds to. you can then use this in your exchange or other wallet to transfer funds.

  1. Generate new Address
  2. Copy to clipboard
  3. Goto your exchange / other wallet and transfer funds
  4. Funds should appear in your wallet in about 20 seconds.

Create Wallet

Delegation List

Here you can search for pools to delegate to.

  1. Enter PIGGY in the search bar
  2. Search
  3. Delegate

Create Wallet

Thank You

We really appreciate that you have chosen to stake with Piggy Bank

You are helping to decentralise the cardano network and 20% of our operator rewards will goto The Raspberry Pi Foundation and 20% to GAVI vaccine alliance